The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang - S01E09 - The 20,000 Drachma Pyramid (2023)


The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang is an American animated science fiction comedy series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and Paramount Television and originally broadcast during the Saturday morning schedule on ABC from November 8, 1980 until November 28, 1981. It is a spin-off of the live-action sitcom Happy Days.


Hey yours, trudy fawns, here incredible, that's the only word to describe what's happening to me and the happy days gang today.

So you stick around.

You get my drift ah and the good group one flaky time machine and a future chick named a cupcake going, but they sure hope to get back to 1957 milwaukee.

Can you dig it yeah? We now return with fawns in the happy days game, just a few more adjustments and we'll be back on course for 1957 milwaukee, oh new craters, the lever, you don't wanna know, but somehow I think we're gonna find out.

Where are we all I can see, is blue sky and green bushes.

This could be anywhere ralph, even milwaukee.

According to my time, band we're in ancient egypt help somebody run away.

Not if the funds has anything to say about it and of course he does all right.

Mr cool all right hold on tight.

There, lovely lady, the fans will say thank you for rescuing me, hey nothing to it right, mr cool, hey, I'm really! Sorry! We couldn't do the same thing for that barge over there.

You know what I mean: egypt has many royal barges, but only one cleopatra whoa, yeah wow uh.

I couldn't have said it better myself, cleo the cleopatra as in queen of the nile.

Not yet my friends, I was on my way to be crowned when something happened to my barge.

That's the understatement of the year.

Your queenliness.

Would you like to come to the ceremony with me as my guests? Oh wow, that's terrific, great galaxy, yeah cleo! You got yourself a date.

Your last date, cleopatra, a runaway barge, isn't the only way to clear the throne for king ra.

The first is it my faithful time wow? This is some party.

Where are the dancing girls? It's not that kind of party ralph.

Just our luck, hey! Let the ceremony begin.

This is raw, our high priest.

He may be a high priest to you.

Ah, but he looks like trouble with me.

What is the meaning of this intrusion, the meaning ray? Is that we're sticking around for the show? Can you dig it right rosie? Thank you.

There may be no show intruder.

Behold, the the river noise us that the gods no longer smile on cleopatra.

This is terrible, hey don't listen to him cleo.

How could anybody not smile on you? Oh thank you! Fonzie, hey besides I'll bet, there's more to this missing river than meets the eye.

The gods are telling us that cleopatra must walk at her crown and I must rule egypt, oh yeah, bucko you and what army army he's got us there rich arrest, those foreign spies, we'll re right whatever.

If we're going to get physical about it, come on, take them to the work gang at the stone quarry.

While I decide their feet, hey, not bad cupcake, but not exactly my idea of the perfect escape either you're.

All my captains now and no captive has ever left this quarry alive.

It is always the first time near row, not for you, stranger.

Our new captive needs, a lesson.

Hof teach him once with pleasure raw.

Be careful! Why don't you pick on somebody, your own size, rich? The only person his size is king kong.

I'm warning you hoth! No one wants horse of anything.

They have it your way.

Buddy boy, nice going fun, you showed him flipping left off now it looks like they're gonna show us surround them.

Maybe my powers will get us out.

Please cool the cupcake, we're not that desperate we're, not hey mal, as the famous fonzarelli toe tap ever.

Let you down before that takes care of them fuzz.

But what about us? We're trapped, the leather ralph, the leather? Sorry, fine! I don't know what came over me galloping galaxy.

It looks like an ancient elevator all aboard, and that includes you too.

Mr cool come on come on.

This is no time for jokes.

Now we got to find a way out of here.

Yo mr cool right, randy.

All right.

We got to do some tracking your nose.

Your nose be careful with all that dust, mr cool! Oh, don't worry I'll! Take it from here right! Everybody follow the finds.

Ah come on you three cleo's in trouble.

We're talking serious jeopardy here, go ahead, bonds, we'll catch up later suffering! Saturn ralph! Are you afraid of heights? No cupcake, but I'm petrified of depth.

That's okay! Ralph I'll! Just zap us across next time! Cupcake.

Keep your zaps to yourself.

I don't get it.

We've been following this tunnel for miles mr cool, who knows we could even be under the city by now.

I remember ready, yeah, oh boy, the foreign flies have escaped from the stone quarry.

If we are foolish enough to return to the temple after them after them, don't let them get away.

I have you this time, I'm out my little friend.

Where could he be no sign of the foreigners raw? They must have found a way out of the temple.

Oh sunshine, at last, hey mr cool too.

Where have you been pal, yeah yeah, all right, I'm sorry! I asked cool come on.

We gotta find cleo right from we made it.

We finally escaped from roz rock quarry, I'm not sure two million square miles of sand dunes is a big improvement, rich and there's still no sign of fonzie, neptune's moons.

What's that it looks like they're building a pyramid civilization, follow me: do we have a choice? Sanding my shoes sand in my pocket sanding, my petrified frog, cheer up ralph I'll.

Have you cleaned up faster than you can say, mood craters, whoops, sorry, ralph.

I hear voices who goes there.

It's a guard they're everywhere.


This way, we'll be safe in here for sure.

Oh, that palace is locked up tighter than an overheated engine block which means old raw face must not want anybody in there with cleo right ramsey.

I know cool, I'm thinking, which means that we got to get in there right away.

Oh yo.

This is no time to drop out of the picture.

We got a clear patch of the rescue and a missing river to find right.

Rocky, I'm ready, hey! We found around the first try, mr cool.

What do you say about that? Yeah whoa, whoa whoa? I wasn't serious about what you said fonzie.

You should not have come here.

Yeah, we'll talk about that once you're in safety and we're out of here cleo were everywhere.

It was so I see, and so is ra himself.

My guards will see that you remain here until after my coronation and as for your friends, they are in good hands or, should I say, claw terrible time.

Warps this pyramid gives me the creeps, relax, cupcake, relax, think of it as a small detour.

Think of it as a giant prison.

We're trapped.

Oh I'm too young to spend the rest of my life in the pyramid.

I've got girls to meet sodas to slurp cheer up ralph things could always be worse.

I'll get us out of here.

Yeah rich.

I see what you mean.

Cosmic calamities, we're gonna be buried in sand, find a bright spot in this ridge.

I dare you now raw has gone too far.

This is no way to treat a queen of the nile hey.

I know what you mean cleo, I know what you mean.

This is no way to treat a fancy belly either.

Ah backpack rush, yeah, don't worry cleo getting out here will be a snack there's something fishy about this disappearing river.

We got to get to the highest spot in the neighborhood and have a look around.

You know the top of the great pyramid is the highest place by far, but it is in the desert.

Far beyond the city walls.

What's even better hey, yo cool, let's go find ourselves a pyramid.

The palace gates are just ahead.

All right cool to run; oh so arise guards.

Oh we'll! Never get out! They'll recognize me, hey! Maybe that's gonna work for us cleo and here's the plan.

What's the trouble in here? Oh there's no trouble officer.

We just have to borrow your uniform for a while all right.

Now, let's get on with the plan.

Oh, where are you taking cleopatra brah expects us he does sure he expects us to stay locked in your room, pee wow quickly.

Mr cool call gets the alarm all right time out here.

Timeout all right cool, this better, be good, all right, one! There's a powwow: let's do it now, let's find that pyramid all right horses, let's go bridge, we've been through a lot together and no matter how this turns out.

I want you to know one thing: what's that ralph? It's all your fault! I hear ralph and richie your friends sound, like they're in trouble you're right cleo, but you get used to it after a while all right, cool just lead us to we're being buried alive.

All right, just look on the bright side, ralph at least we're not being kept after school by the principal right.

Hey it's about time.

You guys showed up boy, they sure don't build pyramids like they used to.

Oh thanks bonds.

You saved us again, I mean how many times have we got bed we'll pass out the medals later, I'm glad to see you too right now we got to find ourselves a missing river.

There is the nile, and that is where it should be.

Well, maybe that's where it still is your worshipfulness, but we'll have to go there ourselves to be sure, leave the driving to me, you're driving all right, cupcake, you're, driving me crazy.

We have you surround that strange ass.

I goofed up.

What can I say? Well, you can start with I'm sorry return cleopatra to me and surrender ha ralph's mouth doesn't know the meaning of surrender unless it means give up.

He understands that real.

Well raw is right.

My friends, you must not endanger yourselves further.

I will give myself up now, just one second clear: you can't quit now we're talking history here and if somebody doesn't do something soon, we're not even gonna rate a footnote.

This is your last chance.

Stranger, then I'm taking it, everybody stay close right right, that's right! Follow the leader was never like this great galaxy.

Things are getting sticky again, not have the sticky as they're gone again.

We have you now, that's what you think moon craters triple moon craters.

We better wrap this up right away.

You cannot escape us that easily and you cannot escape fonzie at all.

Yeah, that's right! Cool come on.

Let's get a move on huh, keep them busy, my faithful pet.

I have one more surprise for cleopatra and her meddling friends.

Hey nice work cool, it's a mummy.

This is not a good time for introductions, ralph, you're, right, rich, it's time for panic.

It's my secret weapon, cleopatra and your doom.

There are my enemies eliminate them, but we could use a chip off the old block come.

We must capture them, looks like our decoy.

Chariot fooled them all right now, let's look for that missing river right.

So this is what happened to the nile river.

Ah, rob built the dam to stop the water long enough to steal your throne cleo then he'd become king ra, the first ruler of all egypt.

I discovered your deception and doubled back.

We know your secret bucko and my mummy will see that you take it with you to your graves thanks, but a lift back to cairo will be far enough.

Fingers don't fail me now terrible time warps.

You can say that again, not you her, we'll, never escape now, never say never clean.


All of egypt will be, within my rate, maybe not as soon as you think raw fish.

Your walking first aid kit is already in my reach.

Now that's what I call an empty threat.

I like that, all right, it looks like just you and me now rob not quite fonzie.

You have forgotten car and cleopatra and you've forgotten.

Where your stand.

I am king raw.

The first I command the nile to obey me.

Thanks to you, the nile has been restored, raw has been punished and I am queen of egypt.

How can I reward you? How about giving me your autograph cleopatra? It ought to be worth a fortune back in 1957, but who'd believe you ralph.

Whoever believes you good point rich, perhaps something more personal would do no fonzie.

It is I who should be rewarding.

You trust me cleo.

You deserve it all right, mr cool.

You too, oh wow, look now that's what I call getting carried away.

Wow, hey cool, wait for me um! I you.

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