My Drawing Book Collection! (with Links!) - My Personal Favourite How To Draw Books 2022 (2023)


My Top How To Draw Books - Which are best?
Figure Drawing: Design and Invention -

Morpho: Anatomy for Artists -

Framed Perspective Vol. 1: Technical Perspective and Visual -

Stonehouse's Anatomy -

How to Draw: drawing and sketching objects and environments from your imagination -

How to Render: the fundamentals of light, shadow and reflectivity -

( TACO) [LEZHIN] Point Character Drawing [paperback] -

(TOM FOX) Anatomy for Artists: Drawing Form & Pose:

The Animator's Survival Kit -


What's going on, I figured I'd talk about my art books, I've collected in the spam of two years.

This isn't all my books, it's just the ones I feel like are the most beneficial to drawing I'm kind of gonna.

Do a quick rundown of each book and tell you how I feel about the books and which ones I think you should absolutely pick up to start with our first book we have is figure drawing design intervention by Michael Hampton.

This book was my first ever how to draw book and honestly, it's probably my favorite out of the bunch, maybe I'm a little biased, because it's my first how to draw a book, but even if it wasn't I feel like it would still hold first place because, honestly, it's that good.

This book introduced me into what is figure, slash, gesture, drawing it talks about form and balance and taught me what is symmetry in asymmetry when it comes to drawing the human figure.

The book even covers up pretty good on the human anatomy and drapery.

It's pretty much going to teach you how to construct a human figure using your basic Primitives, cubes and cylinders and really understanding forms.

This book is easily 10 out of 10.

Michael Hampton is a saint go pick up the book.

Our next art book is an anatomy book.

While the Michael Hampton book did slightly touch on human anatomy, it solely does not focus on it more Salon, you guessed it.

It focuses more on figure drawing.

So when it comes down to your Anatomy book, I think Morpho Anatomy for artists by Michael larisella is great.

It's not my favorite Anatomy book within my collection, but it has an amazing anatomical drawings in them in them to study from I personally haven't read much into this book, but drawing from this book has helped me a lot.

I give the morphle book a 9 out of 10.

great book.

Our next book is a perspective, art book and it is called the frame perspective, uh frame perspective of volume.

One I do want to pick a volume two someday, but who knows this was my first perspective book and I absolutely love it.

I would recommend it being your first how to draw in perspective book if you haven't for uh, if you haven't gotten one yet because this book teaches you perspective in a comic book format, so it's more fun to read and learn compared to your Scott Robertson books that we'll get into later, but nah.

This book is great.

It's going to teach you your one, two three point perspective later on getting into fisheye perspective or wide angle lens perspective.

I've read this book through ones.

I need to go back and reread it.

It's great.

This book gets a 10 out of 10.


We got another Anatomy book, this book being made by the great J.H Stonehouse in case you're, not familiar with this artist.

This guy is just too good when it comes to realism, like I, once mistook one of his art pieces to being a photograph I'm, not even kidding I deadest thought this was a photograph.

At first glance, this guy has spent a good chunk of his life studying the human body, and he decided one day to make a big ass book containing all.

He knows when it comes to learning the human body.

Honestly, if you ever thought of just getting one Anatomy book for art, the Stonehouse is probably the only book you're ever gonna need.

This guy covers everything so much.

He supposedly got called out for being a racist in the book which I thought was ludicrous.

People would actually go that far, but it's 2022 anything goes.

The world is coming to an end anyways.

That gave me a good laugh, but the book has amazing analogies to help you remember certain parts of the human body.

This book is just way too good.

The thing is, it is a bit expensive, I think I paid 80 for, but it's so worth it.

The book gets a two out of ten, not enough racism.

I'm kidding the book gets 11 out of 10 an amazing book.

We now come to Scott Robinson's how to draw a book that every artist should have in their collection.

I'm not gonna lie.

This book is very technical.

It sometimes feels like you're studying out of a math textbook than a drawing one.

But what do you expect perspective is pretty much all math right.

The thing is this is the kind of book you're gonna have to reread a couple of times, I'm, just starting to really understand it, which is why I kind of recommend frame perspective being your first perspective book, but what other, but without a doubt the how to draw a book by Scott Robinson covers how perspective works and more.

It covers how to draw.

In general.

All art Pros will tell you this book.

Is god tier it's just really intimidating.

When you first go in to read it, the book gets a 20 out of 10.

It's a really really great book.

You can tell I really like my anatomy.

Here we have another Anatomy book, probably my second favorite entire book, just behind the Stone House book, and that is anatomy for artists, drawing form imposed by the great Tom Fox.

If you really enjoy the type of crazy perspective, Kim jong-in draws his figures in rest in peace King.

Then you will really enjoy this book.

Tom Fox is probably the only artist I know outside of a few that could actually pull off what Kim juki can do in terms of drawing his figures in these crazy perspectives.

In this book he really emphasizes form and contour lines.

He is really big uh.

He is really big on it.

Much like myself, I'm almost done reading the book, but based on what I've read so far.

This book is God's here without a doubt, I would highly recommend you pick this book up.

If you can Tom fox has put majority of his time into human anatomy and perspective.

This book gets and gets 11 out of 10.

very much so like you, I really enjoy my anime, so you know I had to grab yet another Anatomy book by taco1704 it it's pretty much just like any other Anatomy book.

It just has that anime style to it so I figured I'd grab an in any book kind of more on the stylized side.

I picked this book up not too long ago, so I haven't dug too deep into it, but I've definitely studied taco stuff on the internet.

While you can learn all from his post on his social medias, there are a lot of images in this book that he doesn't Post online, so you'll be getting a lot more.

If you buy his book, I think this book is great for people who really enjoy drawing in an anime like style, who maybe don't like the aesthetic of realistic human anatomy.

This is also great for animators, who want to learn to simplify him, simplify human anatomy for animation, much like myself, I'm a weeb, so this book gets a 11 out of 10.

would recommend.

Speaking of Animation, we have the animator survival kit.

I've only read a few pages from this book, as I've had just recently picked this book up, but this is also a well-known book pretty much every animator out there will tell you this book is a must-have when it comes to learning animation.

It's everything you need.

It's the animator survival kit.

After all, 20 out of 10.

It's all you need when it comes to learning animation with the how to draw by Scott Robertson.

He also has how to render so after you know how to draw.

He can teach you how to render things.

I personally started this book when I first got it, but just kind of put it down just because I got sidetracked, but it's Scott Robertson the same guy.

Who did how to draw so? You know it's good.

The book the book gets a 20 out of 10.

now go render some cubes, that's pretty much.

All I have to share for right now.

Now that I think about it, I think all these books round up close to 500.

So if you had to only get two books from this pile which one should you get first I feel like a good gram.

Slam combo will have to be figure drawing by Michael Hampton and how to draw by Scott Robertson.

These two books are honestly all you need to get going for a while and if you, if you need an anatomy book, get the morphle books, they're, amazing and cheap for what they give then later on, go and get the Tom Fox book and even the Stone House book.

Also remember you.

Don't necessarily need these books to know how to draw I'm just a nerd that likes to collect books just in case I get hit with an EMP and all my ref um.

All my references die with my electronics.

I still have books to study from.

If I was able to show you something interesting.

Maybe like the video I'd appreciate it, you don't have to yada yada yada.

Remember, don't stop drawing and be safe thanks for watching.


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