Haunted Trophy Shots and Murder Bunnies ๐Ÿ‘€ | theHunter Classic Halloween! (2024)

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When we just want to search for some trophies, we encounter some of the most bizarre stuff we have seen so far!

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We are back once again in the hunter classic to continue our hunt for the Halloween animals, but before we go out on bushranger's run itself, I wanted to give a little update here from Kyla's twitch stream, the other night we were able to get a decent European rabbit again, I'm, not even going to attempt to pronounce it, but it was a 2200 I figured I'd mount it the way that they are as difficult as they are to shoot.

I, don't know if we'll top it or not, but for today it is going to be among the species that we're going to attempt to focus on.

Basically, my plan is to go after everything that will charge us, so the feral hog, the feral goat, the rabbits and, of course, the werewolves, and what a hundred meters out of the lodge, maybe a little bit more than that.

We've got our first werewolf of the hunt, and that brings me to the next thing.

I wanted to mention.

I think it was a 332 albino that we shot in yesterday's video I said that I would tax it.

If we didn't top that albino in the Stream that followed it, the problem was I ended up forgetting to do that.

So now, I feel like we are obligated to get a better albio than that during this event, and there's a long time left, it goes until November, 6th or 8th, or something like that.

So we have plenty of time to do it, but I did want to clarify that as well.

That's one of the reasons that I wanted to keep going after the werewolves as well and, of course, to get a decent sized golden from this year.

Our biggest werewolf in general last year was a golden first type and that'd be cool.

To do something like that again got our second one coming down here, another common, oh boy, this might be a problem with this pig.

All right, I guess: that'll work that was a decent hog.

I really want one over one thousand, because they do look very, very cool and I think again on Kyla's stream.

Last night she had a 11 24 or something like that.

So they're out there just got to Hope.

One of them decides to come after us.

So far, though three for three I guess three for four as far as shots go, but when it comes to those pigs, if you don't get a good shot and they just kind of take off, it tends to be a pain to follow him.

So sometimes going for a quick, second or even third shot can be a decent idea.

I am pretty sure there are like four, so probably just gonna, ditch the crossbow pistol here and do everything we can to stay alive.

First, one is halfway decent, while I don't hear any right on us, we'll get that extra round reloaded so I think we at least have enough to kill everything.

That'll be number.

Two third is a common as well and I.

Think that's a big coming this way.

So not gonna be easy.

That's three down I'm, pretty sure I heard four, but sometimes and I- don't remember this ever being a thing on timbergold.

That is the no.

That is the fourth one I thought that was gonna, be the pig Maybe that'll be number four.

Maybe we can get the pig here too, but mostly with the the pigs and rabbits I find that you'll hear sometimes a bunch and then only one or two actually shows up so I, don't know if the werewolves do it, but these guys most definitely do there's five things laying all in one spot.

Can we get some kind of trophy shot of this? Maybe one of these was halfway decent could I, remember, which probably not I actually picked the right one at 349, so not huge, but an opportunity to kind of pick that up and Scoot everything around and just in case anyone is wondering how to do something like this generally.

The best way is to place the animal that you claim in a trophy shop pose because then they're not moving, and you can, oh, dear speaking, of haunted animals.

I, don't know if we can move that.

One but uh you can push other animals around and kind of like get them to Ragdoll into place.

Now it's not always perfect, but generally with a little effort, you can kind of accomplish what you want, but that is the other side.

The hitbox is not quite what it looks like, so it can be a little finicky too.

Actually I just had an idea.

Is it gonna mess everything up? It's not tall enough to really do what I want I, don't think we can zoom in anyway, I mean that's kinda cool.

Tell you what we'll just kind of have that as a screenshot I, don't think that's really gonna work as a trophy shot, but we'll put the four werewolves together or I can do the same thing.

I did recently and hit Escape instead of backspace to get the animal the Ragdoll but I guess at least we have that screenshot of the werewolf in the pig I might use that for the thumbnail, I, don't know, but going back and forth here to claim.

Sometimes, when you claim something that is right next to another animal, it can seemed to cause issues and just make it to where you can't actually collect it.

So going back and forth usually resolves that the last one here then, was another female, so five plus the first I, don't even know how many things we've shot, but pretty pretty many for 500 meters, at least on the plus side.

There are plenty of the feral hogs on this map.

So, eventually I feel like we're bound to end up getting a good one.

Now I do wonder if the rate of high scoring ones is lower, just because I mean they are charging right at you and making it pretty easy at least to find them.

Making the shot sometimes could be a little bit more difficult, but I.

It could just be that we haven't had the greatest luck with him, but I would be curious to know if anything has been altered there.

Well, as per usual fast traveling is a risky game.

It pretty much gets everything's attention got a werewolf coming around here, still a common, though that could be a problem with as many as are coming up through here, another common and thinking back to last year with the additions of the Golden's, it seemed like one in every three, maybe was either albino or golden so this year to see that seemingly reduced is I, think a positive.

It makes the albinos and Golden's a little more special I know there was one other Pig over there.

Finally starting to get here, but I don't see big tusks, so yet another female we'll take that too, and as we continue to rack up Harvest we're probably close to 20 by now, and naturally, things will get cut out when it's just like a solo, female hog, a solo, female werewolf.

But situations like this, where a bunch of stuff is showing up I, think that can be some of the at least more difficult shots to actually make.

So, let's go ahead and claim all this stuff still no trophies from any of this, but at least we're getting numbers.

Finally, we found a feral goat, not a very big one, a male at 10 to 110, but that was one thing that I actually remembered during the course of this hunt.

I think it was for yesterday's twitch stream.

We got a pretty nice one with the Ibex style, horns, two 10 or 220- something like that.

I actually went back into our stats and taxed that, even if it doesn't end up being our best, one I do think it's going.

It's going to look very cool, so we'll I'll throw a clip of that on on screen and we'll go back and take a look at that in the trophy Lodge at the end.

But I haven't seen any screenshots post anywhere of a really big one and again that kind of makes me go back to that question.

Have they altered the rates of high scoring ones, or does it come down to normally they're in herds now they're, solos and there's just kind of less chance? Every time you have an encounter that there could be a big one there? That was bound to happen eventually, there's a hog over here too and frankly, I'm far more worried about the rabbit, so I'm gonna get the shotgun I'm, not sure, I'm happy with only two rounds here, but we'll see man I should get that no sound from the hog just yet the thing is you know if you find one rabbit, that's not gonna, be the only one there are going to be more so I want to get the hog taken.

Care of the only thing is, could have run into there's no water here like way down there, but that's not where it was I.

Don't know why it didn't get here, but we'll take our rabbit.

We will get a new box of shells and we'll start heading that way.

Maybe if the feral Hogs aren't going to cooperate, the rabbits might I see that one.

It doesn't matter.

How many times I hear that it's still shocking to hear that high-fitch scream, don't know if that's the one that we had a track of there's a Max white one around here somewhere.

This is just bound to end poorly because you just can't hear him coming in.

You don't know which one's gonna get there first I.

Well, that's gonna, be the end of us.

There's no point even like try to sit still I feel like or maybe that's the only way to do it.

Everything should be coming from this way now other than that one.

The original ones should have stopped when we died.

Just that one coming up here hitting them is kind of important.

There was another right there behind it.

I don't think that hit, but it still fled.

Two of them are dead.

So I guess that's a plus still thought there was one other, but it could be the case, no guarantee it would come up and around the same way, the other one did I.

Never did see that one that we had a max weight track of, but I guess we'll collect that one was decent.

2100 is not bad I guess it could have been that my track is not that high for them seems the tracks did stay here, and then this was a smaller male and I never saw this I was trying to pick up a track, but I guess we got this one too.

That must have been how we survived there.

I'm still pretty sure, though, that we never encountered the one heavy track, yeah it's still here and and 1.92.5 kg that could be anywhere from average to really good it's worth.

Checking, though, especially when nothing else has worked out now, that's a rare opportunity, I grabbed the shotgun scope.

Can we just smoke it with a slug from here? Maybe it's still not easy to see, but what, if we just kind of? Do that not saying that's the one that we're after? But it was a rabbit? Let's get this thing off too, because, if more charge, the last thing I want is try to do with extra Zoom.

It was kind of going up this way.

Wait I mean that's, got to be a dead one or a dead, something maybe it did hug and actually we aren't done, but the blood does not match the trail C1 standing there.

He just hit that one and you maybe get that out of the way we just missed.

Oh well, there's just no, no winning with that.

Well, that was it it's up to 2500, okay, that kind of worked not intentionally, but it kind of worked getting killed.

I still think there's more going after us, but we are just gonna go ahead and try to claim this see if it was maybe bigger than the one that we had in the trophy Lodge at the start, and it's gonna be about the same 22.38 I think a touch higher scoring I mean what the heck we'll tax it there are three slots, I think that we can fill with them and absolute worst case scenario.

How did hmm I don't know if we can take a trophy shot now um now that that's a glitch I was really hoping I could like move around with the camera.

How do I fix this? You know that button I hit at the beginning that closed the trophy shot of the werewolves yeah that doesn't work with this I think we broke it I think we might have to start a new game.

Can I now I can't just take a picture either all right! Well, we'll come back anyway.

I do think, it's probably fair to say we should probably call it good on the rabbits, maybe go and look for goats and feral, Hogs and stuff again, because I I don't really want to have to deal with that anymore, but in where we spawned it could happen they could be around here.

But the plan is to pretty much head back down into this territory for a little bit before we wrap up I mean getting a little better there up to 900 on that estimate, so maybe the rabbit killing us is actually going to help us in the end, with what is a fresh spawn, but not one that we really had any saying score of 829 still at our bestest hunt, but not bad for our first kill, we'll kind of getting started over again, as determined as I was to at least get an albino in this hunt.

If it's not one of the now I think four that are heading this way, I just don't think it's gonna happen now.

I know that we had to start another hunt and anything that we would have sort of eliminated from the first hunt and actually doesn't matter for this, but even still I would have thought like starting.

A fresh session would give us as good a chance.

I did not realize there was one on that side.

That's gonna make this a little tough, and can we get this jacket out in time for number? Four? Well, had we loaded it, we could have, but that's a bit of a bummer I, don't know if we could have gotten the shot off anyway, but three Commons down and a fourth common to get away I just I guess they really are that much more rare now in I think it was the Stream I'm, pretty sure we still had like three of them, and that was a two-hour stream.

We've been an hour and 20 minutes in these two hunts, but even still no sign of any at all.

Maybe one last try I was wanting to get another shot at a feral hog.

There is one coming in kind of decent I guess, but not that special and we'll probably try to find ourselves a decent spot.

I, don't like the railroad tracks, the werewolves, it's just that little kind of Rise and Fall they do as they go over it.

That makes it I think tough enough to sometimes miss a brain or a heart shot.

So maybe just kind of down in here should be one from sort of either direction.

I hear this one coming I, don't see, there's a comment again kind of an odd thing we can tell below, like that, just the angle of their teeth and stuff looks a little bit different and this pretty much I think it's gonna, be it whatever this werewolf is, is going to be our last kill, so hopefully it'll be halfway decent.

At the very least, though, we have the feral goat and the rabbit to put in the lodge, can't imagine what would have happened to it.

Maybe we gotta go find that one make it a little bit more interesting, I guess, but this one was halfway decent 317 score.

The I, like I, think, would have been in the 600s I'm, pretty sure it was not all that special I am wondering, and maybe we'll do it, although it could cause a problem.

I'm, not sure if feeders are effective right now, like the collars are so I kind of think they would be.

But do we really want a bunch of hogs and or goats grouped up, maybe maybe not, but suppose it can't hurt.

Maybe we'll do that before our next outing.

That may or may not be just a female that actually there was a second one, so I guess twice the odds could have been the one that we heard brain and lung there, and hopefully, if this one will actually get here.

We can't head back to the trophy Lodge, and maybe just maybe we can get lucky with a different verb type, but it's got to come over here.

First I know it was off in this direction.

Looks like a common again.

That is insane I would say since the start of the event last year, and obviously including yesterday's video, we have not had a single hunt where we spent significant time and didn't get either an albino or a golden.

So that's kind of interesting, but let's go back.

We do have a couple of new things to throw in the lodge, but ending the hunt back where we started got our new rabbit here at 22.38.

I want to see the score of the first one, because I know it was 2200.

This one was 23.16, so if it was an improvement and again we have a couple more spots, the robots up there from I think not this past Year's April fools but the year before one more slot still to do that, but there's that goat and I do think that looks really nice.

It just kind of fits the vibe of what they're going for honestly, maybe even a little bit better than the highest scoring kind of spiral.

Horns would but I have.

Since starting this video went and scrolled through the trophy shot channels they do exist.

Some people have gotten ones over 300, so that is still going to be the goal.

Look at the mouth on that thing.

Everything they've done with this is just really really well done, but regardless of the fact that we were unable to get any really huge, trophies I mean the rap is not bad and having the goat from the stream is definitely nice to add to here.

That was still a pretty fun hunt having the right at the beginning, I think it was five animals, the hog floating up the screenshot, then the rabbit that killed us and turning us into a walk-in camera.

All that was pretty cool, but anyway, that is going to do it for this video.

So as always, thank you guys for watching and I'll see you next time.

Haunted Trophy Shots and Murder Bunnies ๐Ÿ‘€ | theHunter Classic Halloween! (2024)
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