Bathroom Vessel Sinks - Above Counter Bathroom Sink (2024)


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  • 17" Robin Square Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink, White


  • 17" Petal Round Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink, White


  • Helena Stone Vessel Sink, White Jade Travertine


  • 16" Aachen Square Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink, Stormy Blue


  • 16" Aachen Square Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink, Meadow


  • 16" Aachen Square Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink, Crystal Blue


  • 16" Aachen Square Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

    $121.00 - $173.00

  • Verden Ceramic Vessel Sink


  • 16" Aachen Ceramic Vessel Sink, White


  • Capel Ceramic Vessel Sink


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A drop-in or under-mount sink is a perfectly fine and functional addition to a bathroom or kitchen. But then sometimes you want to make a bold statement when you're creating a modern decor or updating the look in your bathroom. That's when a luxury bathroom vessel sink comes into play. As the name suggest, vessel sinks sit on the counter for a completely unique feel that's actually reminiscent of wash basins in 19th-century dwellings before household plumbing became common. While some vessel sinks can be as straightforward as our Capel Ceramic Vessel Sink, others such as the beige Livingstone Vessel Sink in Beige Travertine look and feel as though an artisan chiseled it from a single slab of stone while the Tyler Vessel Sink in Black Granite has a polished interior and an unfinished exterior that gives you a simultaneous view of the rock in its natural state and as a finished piece of art. Marble, sandstone, limestone, Maykke's vessel sinks come in a dazzling assortment of shapes as well as material so you can fine-tune the aesthetic of your bathroom interior design. Because vessel style sinks have no pre-drilled faucet holes, you are free to mix and match the faucets for an even more custom look. Sitting upright on your countertop or vanity, vessel bowl sinks break up your room spatially to relieve it of any visual monotony. You can think of it as the bath's centerpiece or as an accent. In fact, most spa-style bathrooms, a growing trend in bathroom upgrades, as well as ensuite baths in high end hotels, feature vessel sinks. But it isn't just about a decorative effect. Vessel sinks recall a more ancient cleansing ritual when bathing was elevated to the realm of the spiritual. In strictly hygienic terms, the gap between sink edge and base eliminates that ceramic-to-counter interface where debris accumulates so cleanup is much easier. With almost two dozen different models to choose and buy from, our designer bathroom vessels for sale share straightforward installation.


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Bathroom Vessel Sinks - Above Counter Bathroom Sink (2024)
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