7 DIY Trellis Ideas for Your Backyard Garden - tinktube (2024)

Garden trellis ideas are all over the web these days. Pinterest, gardening blogs and social media provide tons of inspiration for all the gardeners out there, experienced or not. If we know one thing, it’s this: one of the best things about gardening is being able to design custom projects. DIY garden trellis will adapt to your backyard in dimensions, shape, and even style. Here are some ideas to help you explore all the options you have to build your dream garden!

1. Stephen’s garden arches

When Stephen discovered tinktube, he was looking for the perfect building material to create custom garden trellis. He sent us pictures of his project as soon as he finished it, and we’re glad he did! The interesting thing in Stephen’s project is this: he actually bent EMT conduit to make arches using a rig he made himself. He then assembled conduit with the connectors and… voilà!

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2. Free plans to build your own garden trellis

This easy and simple DIY trellis idea can be adapted to any environment and built in a few minutes, depending on the complexity of the structure you choose to create! Use the free plan as a base to start your project and personalize it: choose the perfect dimensions for your backyard and the plants you are planning to use it for!

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3. DIY garden trellis and canopy

Also featured in our 29 DIY Urban Farming Projects article, this example is among the most elaborate DIY trellis ideas we found online. Not only does it seem sturdy and durable, it also creates a beautiful canopy as the plants grow. Just imagine walking along a corridor of vines, squash or other vegetable, in your own backyard! Our black tubes and fittings are perfect to create a similar structure.

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4. Obelisk style garden trellis

Who said trellis had to be square-shaped? Even though this garden trellis idea one is made of wood, you could easily build an obelisk style garden structure with our tubes and fittings system – and that would make it more durable too!

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5. DIY squash arch

Let’s admit it: this DIY squash arch is just plain beautiful. Good news: it’s also very easy to build! Like Stephen did, all you’d have to do to build a similar structure is to create a rig so you could bend the tubes to a specific angle.

Special tip: when using tinktube’s pipes and fittings to build outdoor projects, it is always best to use painted tubes (black, copper, or white), rather than the galvanized ones. Why, you may ask? Because the paint protects the tubes from rusting prematurely.

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6. EMT conduit trellis idea

EMT conduit is a good option when pondering DIY trellis ideas building materials. tinktube sells adapters that make the fittings compatible with ¾ EMT conduit: it’s the best option to put your conduit together if you want to build you own garden trellis!

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Rather looking to build a DIY cucumber trellis?

This post presents the BEST cucumber trellis DIY ideas we found online!


7. Ruth’s DIY garden trellis

To describe Ruth’s project, we thought best to give you her own testimony: “Ours is a simple project, just the conduit frame set on stakes driven into the ground with trellis netting added. We started with a drawn plan, but we knew from the get-go that, as simple as the structure is, we would probably need to try things out to see what works and be able to tweak things that don’t. If we had built something from wood, we’d be stuck with our first effort.

Building with tinktube connectors and conduit we’ve been able to easily change things about the structure so that it works better for us. We initially thought we’d need vertical supports in the middle for stability, but quickly realized the structure would be just as stable without them. We were able to easily remove the unnecessary supports, giving us space for tomatoes (yay!).

We probably won’t change it this year, but next spring we might make the whole thing deeper from the house, giving us more shade and space to hang things. We are really pleased with the stability of the structure and the flexibility of being able to change things that don’t work as we predicted. We hope to be fully satisfied with our design by next spring, and then we will permanently plant flowering vines in the bed to climb on the trellis.” – Ruth

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We’ll add new ideas to this blog post every now and then… Stay tuned! In the meantime, if you have ideas or if you have built DIY trellis in your own backyard, please, send us a picture and a short description of your project at [emailprotected]. We’d be more than happy to feature it in our article!

And for more inspirational content, we created acomplete guideto provide you with all the information you need to build sturdy, durable and affordable garden structures.

7 DIY Trellis Ideas for Your Backyard Garden - tinktube (2024)


7 DIY Trellis Ideas for Your Backyard Garden - tinktube? ›

A-Frame Trellis. The most widely used and perhaps easiest to construct, the A-frame is your quick-to-put-in-place trellis that will grow everything from beans, tomatoes, and squash to even melons.

What is the easiest trellis to build? ›

A-Frame Trellis. The most widely used and perhaps easiest to construct, the A-frame is your quick-to-put-in-place trellis that will grow everything from beans, tomatoes, and squash to even melons.

How do you make a beautiful trellis? ›

How To Build A Trellis
  1. Step 1: Select your branches. Scout out branches in your yard that are about 2" thick. ...
  2. Step 2: Clean up branches. ...
  3. Step 3: Choose your metal wire.
  4. Step 4: Wrap branches together.
  5. Step 5: Position trellis.
  6. Step 6: Weave plants into place.

What is an alternative to a trellis? ›

“Using old ladders, metal pipes, or even bicycle frames are some trellis alternative ideas,” Vehring says. “They add a unique and interesting touch to a garden space.”

Is it cheaper to make your own trellis? ›

Building and making a garden trellis is not only cheaper than buying it ready-made, but also ensures you can get it the right shape, size, and thickness to match what you're growing. For instance, if growing peas or sweet peas, your material will need to be quite thin so it can cling.

How do you make a simple trellis? ›

For a simple vegetable trellis that will last for a few seasons, attach plastic netting, also known as poultry netting to two pound-in metal garden stakes. You're done in a few minutes!

How can I make a cheap trellis? ›

This cheap and easy garden trellis is made with two items. This Grip-Rite Ladder Mesh Block (currently $4.27 each – I paid $3.57 last year) at Home Depot and zip ties. That's it! You simply zip tie how ever many you'd like to use and arch them into your bed.

What is the best material for a garden trellis? ›

Garden trellises are designed to support climbing plants, flowers, and vines and can be used to grow ornamental, flowering, or fruiting plants. They're often made of weather-resistant wood, durable metal, or other sturdy, eco-friendly materials.

What is a string trellis? ›

The Classic String Trellis

Simply put, you run weatherproof garden twine between two stakes, weaving it around and back so there's twine on either side of each tomato plant. As the plant grows, you add more twine higher up the stakes.

What is a free standing trellis called? ›

Pergola: A long and narrow structure (linear) with pillars to support flat crossbeams and an open latticework that is often covered in vines to shade a walkway.

What is the difference between a lattice and a trellis? ›

A lattice is made up of wooden strips that cross each other, most commonly, in a square or diagonal pattern. A trellis is a wooden frame that's used to support climbing plants. You'll also occasionally see the words arbor and pergola being used with lattice and trellis.

How high should a trellis be off the ground? ›

We recommend a trellis that's tall enough to accommodate growing vines, but not so tall that you'd have to stretch to pick. Our trellises measure 6 feet tall, but anywhere from 4 to 6 feet will work for growing most vining plants vertically. If your vines begin to grow out of hand, pinch off the top tip of the vine.

Is wire or twine better for trellis? ›

My favorite trellising string is the simple classic green garden twine. It's fairly cheap, easy to find at garden centers and hardware stores, holds up to weather, blends into the garden nicely, and has a vintage look.

What type of trellis is best? ›

The diamond-shaped trellis is arguably the most common type of trellis. They're very easy to make, and as such can be found in many gardens all over the world. Though simple, diamond-shaped trellises are large enough to allow ample growth for many vines and climbing plants.

What is a fast-growing trellis flower? ›

Sweet peas, Akebia quinata, star jasmine and honeysuckle are some of the best flowering climbers. These fast-growing flowering vines all erupt in beautifully colorful and scented blooms.

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